Željezara “Ilijaš” dd Ilijaš is justified with decision of the Government of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 5th September  1952. Company “LIVNICA” Ilijas was formed that year too.

First production capacity, Foundry water pipes, was launched in November 1954.

By expanding production capacity, especially in the field of producing iron, the company was renamed to Željezara “Ilijaš”, which remained the same until today.

The further continuation of production and development strategy that has passed several stages, Željezara “Ilijaš” is profiled and developed in the field of casting, so that the installed 15.00 tons per year, various castings and gray pig iron production of 100,000 tons per year. It grew into the largest foundry complex on Balkan.

Significant interventions in the field of reconstruction alone modernization of technological capacities are practically solved with significant investments that were started in 1975. Within apparel investment project that lasted until 80s, complete substitution was carried with the existing capacities melting in cupola furnaces with electro-induction and electric arc furnaces. 5 electro-induction furnaces with individual power of 1.1 Mwwere installed, and two electric arc furnaces of 10 t power, 2.8 MVA for melting steel.

During the war Željezara “Ilijaš” was destroyed and devastated, and its production is restored after the war, in 1999. Then it started casting heavy castings over two EAF capacity to make 15 tons per unit.


A company PREVENT FAD d.d. Jelah – Tešanj (investor) has initiated activities on the project “Reconstruction of cast iron (radiators foundry) in the Željezara” Ilijaš “. Machinery and technological equipment have been installed in an existing industrial hall, which was devastated and for this purpose it was necessary reconstruction and rehabilitation. In addition to reconstruction of the installation there was production equipment carried out for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of available existing facilities intended for the electrical and mechanical maintenance, operating office area, laboratory facilities, for modeling, compressor room, substation and other ancillary object located within the production halls or in their immediate vicinity. Also in the complex is renovated building for its central administration Željezara “Ilijas” bathrooms for workers (male and female division) as well as a restaurant for the needs of workers and other staff.

The reconstructed facility is made for metal melting and production of castings made of cast iron for the automotive industry. The designed capacity of the melting is 35.000 t/y, and production of iron 33.000 t/y of castings.


The main activity is production of castings of different weights from 0.5 kg to 30 tons of all kinds of cast iron / gray iron, ductile iron and steel used in production steelworks, shipbuilding, metal industry, the auto industry, the catering industry, electrical industry… The current main product lines are:

  • Casting pots / EN, FR, CL / weight of 30,000 kg
  • Castings of steel and ductile iron (pot slag)
  • Metallurgical casting / casting plate, funnel-shaped caps of ingot etc./
  • Mechanical cast iron (stand lathe, pulleys)
  • Rollers (steel alloy rollers: C, CN, CN2; half-steel alloy rollers: P, PN, PN2, PM; Indefinite rollers: N)
  • Low-pressure die casting / E, D /
  • Cast stands and cases for all aspects of the industry
  • Castings for marine and shipbuilding
  • Food Products – table stands
  • balancing weights for tractors
  • The parts for the automotive industry: brake discs, brake drums, flywheels motor, the differential housing
  • Drainage Programme – manholes
  • Drainage Programme – gully tops
  • Energy – striking round for Thermal Power Plant (disk, ring, clamps)
  • Other


Željezara “Ilijaš” is located near the highway corridor 5C, and the main railway junction of Ploce-Sarajevo-Doboj. This helps them with transport with all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond.

Željezara ”Ilijaš” as construction company is linked with the urban zone of the city of Ilijaš, with which it forms a unique industrial and urban spatial whole. The location is bordered by the Bosna river on the east side of the city of Ilijaš, by the urban zone.

Ilijaš is a town located in the valley of the Bosna river at an 500-1200 meters above the sea level away from the capital city Sarajevo, 20 kilometers, along the valley of the river Bosna. Željezara ”Ilijaš” has more production halls and supporting facilities which are located on over 264000 m2.